Before Black Lake is permanently damaged, the Black Lake Invasive Weed Committee was formed by concerned Black Lake businesses and landowners to preserve its beauty for future generations to enjoy.

The first requirement was to hire a consultant firm to study the lake and create a lake management plan. The plan must then be submitted to and approved by the DEC. Thanks to your generous response to our fund raising letter, the management plan should be ready for submission to the DEC by June 2008.

After we have the management plan approved, we will be able to write for grants and work with concerned local and state politicians to help direct some of the state conservation dollars to Black Lake so the management plan can begin to be implemented.

Fund Raising

Our letter campaign has generated enough to cover the necessary consulting fees, but the management plan will be costly. While we are working hard to secure grants and state conservation dollars, we need to show them that residents and tourists truly care about Black Lake and are willing to help support our efforts to control the Eurasian Milfoil.

It is our hope that people who use the lake, both tourists and landowners, will want to help us in our quest to control these weeds and restore our lake's beauty and reputation as being a "fisherman's paradise."

How Can You Help?

Please send a generous tax deductible donation made payable to:

The Black Lake Invasive Weed Committee,
PO Box 12,
Hammond, NY 13646
Thank You!

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